Fan of John Scarne's game & attempting to spread it.


$35 shipped (ebay, 2016-09).


since 2021-11.

Archives of Teeko content
including Guy Steele's solution.


Print on paper (2016-08).

First iteration, out of the office printer.
Revealed the original edition is oversized.
In compact form, the perfect game to carry around.

Laser-cut cork (2016-09).
Friction is unpleasant.
Can't be folded or carried carelessly in a bag, let alone pocket.
Fun while it lasted.

Sharpie on felt (2016-09).
Pocketable. Surprisingly resilient.

Print on silk (2016-12).
Board and black pieces look similar in low light.
Silk stretches over time.
Years of joy.

Print on 21×21cm laminated paper (2023-06).
Quick prototype to test colors.


Working on a 2024 release.
Board, 2×5 Go stones, rules leaflet in a bag.
1000 copies, 10€ + shipping at cost.
Preorder by E-mail.

24×24cm satin & twill samples (2023-07).

Blue far from expectations.
Twill much better than satin.

Print & heat transfer on 15⨉13cm cotton bags.

Heat transfer avoids bleed, but print is more resilient.

24×24cm board template.

Logo for bag.

Logo for rule leaflet.

Print on A6 paper.

Rules in English.

Print on A6 paper.

Rules in French.

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