be with you

Ring it up, we chime our bells
Work to do, let's resonate
Got no time, we dissipate
Mind the sharks, we have no shells

Memories to forget, and time to remember
Right to speak, and left to recognize
We’re not steering, and I keep stirring

So many labels, idiosyncrasy
Listen up, they’re fallacy
Raise to authenticity

Decency, privacy, say your name
War and peace, not your enemy
Drop it all down, it’s forgery

Safe, clean, and beautiful
Stuck in a tree, you have no aim
Taking your time, burning my flame
To know that I am dutiful

Music’s a drug, love when it sings
Only your voice is on my mind
Pens and brushes over the line
Tie to my bag, lift off your wings

They fear, fight, and always hurt
We have to sweat our own battles
Moral compass, you’ll keep my north
Take care, be true, pick up your words

Youth brings its gratuity
We can only make it our way
Power just throws it all away
Pain brings its ingenuity

Je sais que tu m'as bien compris
Que l'obscur te met à l'abri
Paix avec toi, mon étourdie
Je garde le lac, surveille les bruits

Bien sûr que la route s'assombrit
Que dans le loin, seulement la nuit
Ouvre les yeux, ça m'éblouit
Now let me get back on the knee

Put on my map, tell our story
Mutuals, futures, 2 for 1 pack
Daima mbele, jaribu uone
Танцевать под дождем