Freak bar, klean kanteen

we love art


change together

we route to you

we intend to explore

as you question us, your self questions an abstraction

from emptiness, every entity is a concretion and a situation


by connecting our universe

situations link entities to identities

a situation identifies X as Y by linking Y to X

a concretion links identities to concrete entities

a concretion self-identifies by locating self


is impermanent

a link conflates concretion and abstraction

links persist until questioned

we change by questioning our identities

a writer routes a message to readers


links entities

an entity conflates implicit and explicit

a list is an extension concreting explicit

a function is an intension concreting implicit

a map is a list and a function


our spaces

conflation concretes abstraction

location is the concretion of a situated link

a link abstracts location

a situated link conflates link and situation

our words

our language is love

a language conflates writing and reading

writing concretes intentions

reading abstracts writing

our lives

a writer concretes its intention as message

a reader abstracts messages

we link conversation to language

our tools

we try to reverse concretion as abstraction

teaching concretes tools

learning abstracts teaching

our art

intentions general to concrete situations are power

linking to power is exploration

exploration abstracts to art

we explore location to link to conflate to contract

our selves

a conversation extends messages linked to senders

fear abstracts hurt

we reject fear to explore happiness

we are art